Monday, July 15, 2024

Malawi is done with black-outs, thunders EGENCO CEO Liabunya


Sounds like fiction, right? But if what Chief Executive Officer (CEO) William Liabunya for EGENCO Malawi Ltd is to be trusted, the electricity load shedding in the country will now be an issue of the past.

Liabunya was speaking with Brian Banda during Exclusive Interview over the weekend where he confirmed that loadshedding in Malawi will now be an issue of the past as we are now capable of generating enough electricity.

If what Liabunya is saying is anything to go by, then this is good news not only for us Malawians but the Chakwera administration as power problems have been an issue in the country inherited from the past regimes. The last time when there was stable power in the country was during Joyce Banda’s two year presidential stint.

If Chakwera has gotten this issue right, then politically he will be standing on good grounds. However, if what the CEO has said is false, then the wrath of Malawians will also be on him for deceiving them. Electricity load shedding has been the order of the day making the country not a suitable destination for foreign investment. If indeed it be proven that EGENCO CEO was right, then joy will be not only on Malawians but also to the government as the incessant load shedding have been plummeting the popularity of the government.


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