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As Environmental Activists Claim Project's Noncompliance with Esia

The Malawi Environmental Protection Authority (Mepa) has trashed claims raised by some environmental activists that the expansion of Kenyatta two-lane road to six-lane drive has bypassed environmental and social impact assessment.

Mepa says the impact assessment was already done, save for some aspects that simply require invigorating.

While the activists have claimed that a total of 1,000 trees have been cut down to pave way for the roads expansion works, Mepa has indicated that 318 trees that were within the affected expansion radius have been cut down.

“These trees were planted along the avenue in the 1980s to provide shelter. While their cutting down has paved way for an upgraded road infrastructure development, there is an intention to plant trees along the newly expanded avenue as well,” said Mepa in remarks offered to media.

“I think most people making noise about this project have not read the Esia and I advise them to read it first. Every project has merits and demerits and on this project the demerits are not more than the merits,” Mepa board Chairperson Robert Kafakoma said.

Shire Times findings indicate that most of the environmental activists who are campaigning against the six-lane road construction are working in cahoots with Constantine, a Malawian of Asian origin, who is complaining about part of his land being affected by the project.

By Taulayi Majamanda


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