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MBC Presenter Mapinda plays DPP song on air; do you know what it means?

Dear Editor,

In case you are not in the know, a Malawi Broadcasting Corporation Presenter McAllan Mapinda played a former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) song on air. In defense, Mapinda said that the playing was accidental. Passing an administrative action, the presenter has been suspended.

Here is what it means. Despite changing government, those still in strategic places are DPP cadets. There is no need for further evidence. Even Vice President Saulos Chilima hinted that sabotage is the reason why government is failing to deliver. President Chakwera on day one promised to clear the rubble but today, the rubble is still there.

Surprisingly, there are many people like this author who were in the trenches fighting for DPP to fall and it indeed fell. Government is a very big machinery but people like us were forgotten. Put simply, we were used, abused and dumped. Instead of putting us in strategic positions, there they are deliberately choosing to work with cadets. Which government in its right thinking does that?

For trusting to work with cadets and sidelining your foot soldiers, this is what you get.  This is just a tip of the iceberg in 2025. Some of us traversed the breadth and width of this country, toiling and as reward, you maintain cadets and treat us as useless. What transcendental nonsense is that?

Those  very few who were considered, it is surprising you can’t tell those selfish bosses of yours that we still have some comrades whom we were with when we were in the trenches. You have chosen to deliberately forget us. Sorrowful but maybe that is what it is, politics…poly tricks, tricking us all for whose benefit,  cadets? Ayi Zikomo, we have bitterly learnt our lessons.

Concerned and forgotten MCP Foot Soldier

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