Sunday, May 26, 2024

35 years for defilement & rape for Medical Aid Society of Malawi commercial officer Ngomwa

They say in law that the maximum punishment is given to the worst offender and the worst offender is yet to be born. This maxim may be true for other offenses but for defilement and rape, every case scenario is treated as the worst offender scenario.

A case in point? Well, High Court Judge, Justice Ruth Chinangwa, has sentenced Andrew Ngomwa, former chief commercial officer for the Medical Aid Society of Malawi to 35 years imprisonment for defilement, 25 years for rape and 4 years for doing indecent acts in the presence of a minor. Read again, the guy will literally spend the days of his natural life in jail.

Ngomwa was convicted on 24 January 2022 for defiling his 16-year-old niece. Therefore, think twice before you attempt to have sex with a minor. You will put your family, children, and dependents in trouble as you rot in jail. Never say the Shire Times never warned you.



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