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Unima student Mzumala commits suicide in Zomba

Mzumala, the deceased

Saddening news out of Malawi’s academic city of Zomba, which hosts the University of Malawi at Chirunga, is to the effect that a second-year Bachelor of Education student majoring in Chemistry has been found hanging in his room in Chikanda Township where the majority of the students reside.

“It is with sadness we regretfully announce the passing of Mr. Stanley Mzumala, 24, a second-year Bachelor of Education (Chemistry) student. More details shall be communicated in due course. Let us keep the bereaved family in our prayers during this painful period,” a senior university official Francis Matchado communicated to the student community in an email that Shire Times has seen.

Meanwhile, the university authorities have announced that “a vigil will be held at the Zomba Hospital Mortuary from 3 pm in preparation for departure to Karonga, via Lilongwe and Mponela at 4 pm,” to which burial will take place on Wednesday, 9 March 2023, at Karonga Town.

Shire Times has gathered that as per the suicide note, the deceased decided to prematurely terminate his life as he was allegedly abandoned by his parents as far as help was concerned. It has been established that he did not go to Karonga during the holiday for the same reason that he could not find resources to go back home. The deceased also is said to have had a tuition fees balance which was unpaid and on top of that, it is said that he incurred supplementary in three courses and combined, all these may have been stressing the young lad, who it is established was surviving thanks to his girlfriend’s help.

The University is now three days old since it opened for the much-fought-for the second semester of the academic year on Monday 6th February 2023.




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