Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Hypocrisy in Dan Msowoya’s appointment as AFORD President Advisor detected

Dan Msowoya

Saulos Thindwa, who serves as AFORD Deputy Publicity Secretary has announced that Party President Enock Chihana, “in exercising his constitutional powers has appointed veteran politician Dan Msowoya as his Personal Advisor on Constitution and Governance.”

According to Thindwa, the appointment is with immediate effect.

“Mr. Msowoya brings to the Presidential Council and the party vast political experience and Institutional Memory that will play a major role in the ongoing Rebuilding and Rebranding drive that the party is currently pursuing.” In part reads the statement adding that Msowoya has since accepted the challenge.

Msowoya is advanced in age. The hypocrisy in all this is that if it was President Chakwera making a similar appointment of someone advanced in age, then the social media would have gone crazy reprimanding the president why he is choosing ‘ancestors’ and not young people as if his government is only full of old people. The point being criticism must be balanced and must spread across, whether one is in government or not because if those who are not in government were to be in government, their current appointments would have reflected the appointments they would be making them and there would be no difference with the appointments being made now by President Chakkwera. The hypocrisy must therefore be stopped.

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