Monday, February 26, 2024

DPP Members Accept Opposition Fate Beyond 2025

Former President Arthur Peter Mutharika

Akin to the chaos taking place in the opposition Patriotic Front of Zambia, the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in Malawi is also in the same mess.

Since Peter Mutharika lost the presidential election to the incumbent State President Lazarus Chakwera, he seems struggling making up peace with the fact that he is an ordinary Malawian.

One would thing he is only obsessed with being a leader, but no: the guy is bitter that his looting project was stopped in track. He is consequently obsessed with taking chances of rebound to power.

Therefore, despite being an octogenarian, he still thinks he still has the mental, intellectual and physical stamina to lead Malawi again so much so that he is doing all he can to force himself on the DPP to be its presidential candidate in the 2025 elections.

To this effect, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Madala Team faction where Mutharika belongs, is planning to conduct a rally at Masintha Ground in the capital Lilongwe to announce the candidature of Mutharika in the coming 2025 elections.

There is a somber mood in the DPP camp with this development for members know what it really means that, with Mutharika as the Presidential Candidate, DPP wont bounce back in power in 2025.

“He is going to contest and let’s move on. Those that are against APM lets find other things to do. The sooner we make peace with the fact that we are not bouncing back in government, the better. DPP politics has let us down,” wrote +265 999 9816*5 on a DPP WhatsApp group.

Presidential Chakwera seems to be poised to renew his State House mandate beyond 2025 with his calm, unity-oriented servant leadership.

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