Monday, April 22, 2024

Malawi First Organization Disintegrates, Ousts Kalindo as Chairperson

Kalindo fired

The Civil Society Organisation led by Bon Kalindo, which has been viewed as misguided and acting like mercenaries, has experienced a significant rift. Ledson Munlo, a member of the group, has revealed to Nkhoma FM that they have ousted Kalindo from his position as leader. Munlo accused Kalindo of lacking the qualities of a true leader, asserting that his alleged leadership style has only sown discord and animosity within the organization.

Munlo stated, “He has demonstrated no leadership skills, and we made an error in appointing him as our Chairperson. Therefore, we have removed him from this role.”

In response, Kalindo opted not to comment on the situation. The organization “Malawi First,” which purports to champion human rights, has been attempting to incite disturbances in order to force Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera’s resignation. However, they have garnered little public support for this cause. The group, characterized by lawlessness frequently clashes with the police for violating the country’s laws.

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