Monday, April 22, 2024

Stop Kalindo or Malawi will be lawless; his protestors vandalise government vehicles in Mangochi

Bon Kalindo

A video clip that has gone viral on the social is depicting protesters led by Bon Kalindo vandalizing government vehicles at Mangochi District Council. The demonstrators intentionally targeted ambulances, executive vehicles, and private cars, damaging their windshields with stones.

It is evident that Bon Kalindo is the perpetrator, aider or abettor and it is essential for him to be held accountable. Malawi cannot continue to be on this path of self-destruction hence there is a need to bring sanity in the way demonstrations are conducted.

Damaging government facilities and properties during protests is not justifiable. We all lose. More so with an Ambulance, that is foolishness of unimaginable proportions. It is my pleas that those responsible for prosecuting Kalindo must ensure competent handling of the case, showing tangible results, or consider resigning.

Editor In-Chief
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