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Foot soldier Ken Msonda told to leave DPP for  being MCP operative

Ken Msonda (L) speaking at the press briefing recently

The unlawfully appointed spokesperson for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Shadric Namalomba, has called on National Governing Council (NGC) member Ken Msonda to exit the party, accusing him of being an operative for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Namalomba’s outbursts follows remarks made by Msonda in an exclusive interview with Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) on Monday evening. The foot solider that is Msonda in political circles sparked controversy by suggesting that Malawi’s economic situation would be worse if his (DPP) party were still in power.

Msonda claimed that the country should consider it fortunate that, in the absence of the DPP, successive global shocks like the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ukraine war, Tropical Cyclone Freddy, and cholera outbreaks did not escalate beyond control.

“I always tell people that the situation could have been worse if these natural disasters were happening when DPP was still in power. Ndipo a Mutharika sakanakwanitsa, akanakomoka,” he said.

He commended President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera for ‘steering the ship made rickety by the DPP administration’ to safety amidst economic constraints.

Msonda said it was wrong for some sections of the society to attribute the economic problems the country is going through to Chakwera, arguing the ‘incumbent Head of State assumed power when disasters were already weighing global economies down’.

“It is not right to say that the problems we are facing in the country are caused by President Chakwera. The President has been a bit unfortunate in the last three years. These [Covid, Cholera, Cyclone Freddy] are natural disasters beyond his control and they could have happened anyway even if DPP was in power,” he said.

But Namalomba dismissed Msonda, accusing him of being a plant of the ruling party in DPP.

“Tell him to leave DPP and join MCP. Why does he still cling to the party which he believes is no better to MCP? I can’t respond to confused souls, political prostitutes and obviously agents of MCP who are in DPP to cause trouble. A diehard supporter of Nyasa Big Bullets supporting Wanderers when the two are battling out to win the same game? it’s unheard of,” he reacted.

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