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Testimony of how Israel labour export deal is benefiting Malawian Youth

Austin Chipeta, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, has urged Malawians in the country to refrain from complaining about the Malawi-Israel labor export agreement. Chipeta contends that this deal is the most effective approach to tackle youth unemployment in Malawi.

Some social media commentators affiliated with the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have been undermining the government for sending Malawian youth to work in Israel’s agricultural industry.

However, employment statistics in the country indicate a shortage of jobs, justifying the government’s involvement in the labor export deal with Israel.

“Malawians need to rally behind the government in whatever it is doing on this programme. Don’t be cheated by what other rumor-mongers are telling you; there’s no danger here. We are living safely,” Chipeta in Israel said.

According to him, employees working on farms get not less than an equivalent of MK2.5 million per month. He said he is currently paying fees for his child who is pursuing a university education at one of the international colleges in Europe.

“I could not have managed funding my child to such a prestigious school if I was in Malawi. So, let us allow the government deploy as many young people as possible so that they can get similar opportunities some of us are enjoying in Israel,” he emphasized.



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