Friday, March 1, 2024

Sports Analyst attacks Fleetwood Haiya’s placing of campaign bill-board in Mzuzu

Dear Editor,

Fleetwood Haiya, a Challenger to FAM President Walter Nyamilandu has gone mad with money to the extent that he erected campaign bill boards in Mzuzu ahead of the election this Saturday.

What is surprising is that in the FAM elections, the voters are some few 36 delegates from affiliates and not all Malawians. One wonders what the rationale is for wasting such money instead of ‘taking care’ of the affiliates, if it is allowed.

How if his competition Walter Nyamilandu has ‘taken care’ of the affiliates and he wins, wont it embarrassing for this guy who is taking care of the public, who will not even vote? Or is it to show that his election has been endorsed by the Malawians in general? Or is it show that after winning the Presidency, he will be vying for the President of the Republic of Malawi as well?  Either way, the rationale behind being obsessed with the public who will not vote defies logic.

Granted, Haiya appears to have public support if the attendance of his campaign launch at BICC in Lilongwe is anything to go by. Granted he is poised to win as he appears he has done his homework well though we cannot completely rule out a surprise Nyamilandu comeback; however this camoign tactic of putting bill-boards is a sign that the ‘incoming FAM President,’ shall he win is visionless and tactless. In the event that he loses, it will be because of such pettiness otherwise if he wins, which many think he will win, then he must stop being this petty.



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