Thursday, July 18, 2024

President Chakwera: Father of the Nation, Gives 4 Million to Ntopwa Women FC

Ntopwa FC spoiled by President Chakwera

President Chakwera’s leadership goes beyond trivial political maneuvers, as evidenced by his support for Ntopwa Women’s Football Club. Even though the club’s owner, Jomo Osman, displayed animosity towards the party led by Chakwera during his time in opposition, the President still backed the club. Many Malawians vividly recall Jomo’s incident where he confronted a vendor wearing an MCP t-shirt in Blantyre, indicating his resistance to accommodating the MCP.

However, as history shows, the DPP suffered a significant defeat. Interestingly, Jomo now manages a successful women’s football club that achieved victory on a national level, earning the opportunity to participate in the continental women’s football competition. Despite their achievements, financial constraints have made it difficult for the club to meet their commitments.

To address this issue, Jomo organized a fundraiser and invited President Chakwera, who was represented by Minister of Local Government Richard Chimwendo Banda. During the fundraising event, Chimwendo announced that the President had generously contributed 4 million kwacha.

Minister Chimwendo expressed his gratitude, stating, “Go Mtopwa FC Go!! Thank You His Excellency Dr Lazarus Chakwera for supporting Mtopwa FC with K4 million at their fundraising dinner yesterday. Travel mercies Mtopwa FC. Congratulations Jomo once again.”

In light of these actions and support from other stakeholders as well, Ntopwa FC has now departed for South Africa. This episode serves as a compelling demonstration of support and care and lack of vengeance from President Chakwera. If this isn’t a display of love from President Chakwera, then what else could it be?



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