Friday, March 1, 2024

Minister of Agriculture Kawale says ACB investigating 60 AIP corruption cases

Sam Kawale-Minister of Agriculture

Corruption seems deeply rooted in our society, and even as the Chakwera government endeavors to combat it, new manifestations of corruption are emerging. This time, it involves citizens rather than those in government engaging in corrupt practices.

This is evident in the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) as it is currently investigating 60 cases related to the Affordable Inputs Programme (AIP). Kawale revealed this information during a press briefing in Nkhata Bay District on Thursday.

Furthermore, Kawale disclosed that the police have initiated 15 cases involving 20 individuals, including instances where they demanded additional funds from AIP beneficiaries.

It is crucial for Malawians to reflect on their own actions when accusing government officials of corruption. Building a society free from corruption requires collective integrity, and we cannot achieve this goal if individuals succumb to corrupt behavior whenever the opportunity arises.




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