Monday, May 27, 2024

Malawi court against football hooliganism; fines referee assaulter Matope 500k

Matope fined

Anthony Matope, a football fan who assaulted referee Mayamiko Kanjere has been slapped with a five hundred thousand Malawi kwacha or in default to a custodial sentence of 12 months; his sin was his uncivilized conduct of assaulting and causing bodily harm to the said referee.

The assault occurred when the referee blew the whistle to mark the end of the game involving Mighty Mukuru Wanderers FC and Bangwe All Stars in which wanders won 2-0. When the referee ended the game, Matope jumped onto the pitch and rushed to the direction of the referee manhandling him in the process.

“What you did embarrass the referee and caused a shock to him and others who wish to be referees. But since you did not waste the court’s time and have shown remorse, I will show you mercy,” said the Magistrate before meting out the fine.

“The court fines you to pay K500 000 to be paid in full at once or serve a custodial sentence of 12 months. K400 000 will be compensation to the referee Mayamiko Kanjere and the balance to the government,” the court stated adding that the money will be paid through the court.

The Magistrate stated this behavior of assaulting referees has no place in the game of football.


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