Tuesday, June 6, 2023

PPDA Chair Innocencia Ottober demands K200 million from Joshua Chisa Mbele for defamation

Chisa Mbele (centre) may pay MK200 million in damages

It does not rain but pours for social media influencer and business tycoon Joshua Chisa Mbele as he has been sued for defamation by Lawyer Innocencia Ottober. Ottober is the Chairperson for the Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets Authority (PPDA).

According to Likongwe and Company, which Ottober has hired to pursue this defamation litigation, Mbele is said to have written a post on his facebook page that suggested that Ottober in her capacity as PPDA Chairperson is a walkover on corruption issues to which it has been construed to mean that Ottober is corrupt.

The claimant has since claimed damages to the tune of 200 Million Malawi kwacha.

In response, Mbele has told the Lawyer representing the claimant to proceed with the litigation.

“I suggest that you proceed with the litigation.  I already issued an apology on my facebook page where I made a mention of her name notwithstanding the exaggerations that you have made in your letter.

“You have put words in me, my mouth and sued. I never said all that crap. You made your own conclusions,” wrote Mbele to Likongwe.

Mbele is not new to defamation charges. Son to President Chakwera, Nick, also dragged him to court. Mbele has also been arrested several times and is answering to several charges in Malawi courts pertaining to his writings on his Facebook page as well occurrences during anti-government demonstrations.

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