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Mighty Wanderers dealt big blow as FAM tribunal affirms 22 million Kwacha verdict


Mighty Mukuru Wanderers appeal has been dismissed thereby implying that the team is out of 2023 Airtel Top 8 and that it must also pay 22 million kwacha for the vandalism that its supporters did at Bingu National Stadium.

In a statement released released by Football Association of Malawi (FAM), the FAM’s Disciplinary Committee convened on 24th November 2023, and heard an appeal lodged by Mighty Mukuru Wanderers FC against the decision of the FAM Competitions Committee on charges of misconduct during the 2023 Airtel Top 8 Quarter Final Match (1st leg) played on 23rd September, 2023 at the Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe.

In its ruling dated 24th November, 2023, the FAM Disciplinary Committee dismissed the Appeal by Mighty Mukuru Wanderers FC in its entirety.  An intention to appeal against the decision of the FAM Disciplinary Committee and later Grounds of Appeal were filed by Mighty Mukuru Wanderers FC.  On 13th December, 2023, the FAM Appeals Committee heard the Appeal virtually.

“Following a virtual hearing attended by both parties and after considering their final written submissions the Appeals Committee has made the following ruling:

  1. Appeal is partly allowed in respect of the two sanctions of MK2, 000, 000 ( Two Million Kwacha) and MK500, 000. 00 ( Five hundred thousand Kwacha) for bringing the game into disrepute and failure to control fans which have been scrapped off.
  2. The rest of the Appeal is dismissed.
  3. The rest of the decision of the FAM Disciplinary Committee is upheld. ( Forfeiture of the match and the restitutory fine of MK22, 083, 400).”
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