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Meet Engineer Mumba, MCP’s new catch

Engineer Mumba

A week ago the Northern chapter on the ruling Malawi Congress Party , the Euthini district  welcomed into the MCP fold a new name.  While officially it might have been a new name , talk of of Engineer Vitumbiko Mumba  has been ongoing within the MCP circles for sometime. Yes, the son from Mzimba Central who is understood to have been the Secretary General of Khumbo Kachali’s Freedom Party was now welcomed as a bonafide member amidst the ululation from the women and applause and handclap from the devoted MCP members that gathered at his welcoming ceremony.

It is no secret that the Young man  has split opinion across the political spectrum. While we don’t have it on record that Vitumbiko’s joining of MCP is to try his luck on one of the top positions in the party, rumours are rife that he is the guy on a mission. One may wonder if the Young Engineer is indeed  coming to take up the top positions  or its just a matter of those at the top having delusions and fear in thinking the young man is coming after their positions. This is the story for another day , however, history of politics will never fault Mumba if he wants to try his luck in contesting for any of the positions in the party . It’s the Party delegates that votes anyway and the one with more votes wins .

Myself and the many Malawians who have just recently been  exposed to this name Engineer  Mumba are left to ask who is this guy an where is he coming from.  Vitumbiko Mumba  is a 40 years old Professional Engineer. He  who works as an Individual Consultant in various fields mostly civil engineering. He consults for mostly international organizations and some local ones. Others engage him as a Technical Auditor on construction projects. He is also an Associate Arbitrator with Association of Southern Africa Arbitrators.

Mumba describes himself  as an Evangelist Teacher of the word of God , Pan Africanist, professional engineer and Associate Arbitrator.He has a MBA from University of Stellenbosch Business School, Cape Town.He also holds his first degree from the Polytechnic.He has worked with various companies in Botswana and then worked with the Roads Authority of Namibia before coming back to Malawi.

Mumba thrives on the slogan “ I don’t have Plan B, In any case , Plan B is enforcing Plan A” In describing his philosophy which is rooted in his spiritual beliefs, Mumba  claims that he is passionate about leadership  and that he strongly  believes that economic and political emancipation in this day and age  is mainly dependent  on Christian morals and values. He values spirituality, economic independence, integrity, equality, fairness, efficiency , commitment, charisma and compassion.

On thing for sure , whatever happens Mumba seems to be here with an intent to be one of the key political players in the country

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