Friday, July 12, 2024

Critics Admit Failure to Resist Chakwera’s Infrastructure Development Charm; Malawi Turns Into a Construction Site


“Munthu saipa chonse,” says one of the sworn critics of President Chakwera, Joshua Chisa Mbele, who has spent the last two years logging hate against the current administration on his diary describing the Malawi leader as “munthu oipa”.

Mbele finds it difficult to sustain hate towards Chakwera in the face of emerging reality that directly rubbishes unfavourable description of President Chakwera.

Reality on the ground is otherwise showcasing a booming modern road network infrastructure that is being delivered by Chakwera’s administration.

“Hate him, love him, president Chakwera will go down in history as the man who reorganized Lilongwe road networks”, Mbele comes to admit.

President Chakwera has targeted infrastructure development as one of landmark deliverables assigned to himself and his administration.

The target has seen a modern reconstruction of roads targeting improved traffic flow.

“Dual roads. Bypasses or Flying-saucers are under construction. Wherever you go, there is a road construction. I’m impressed. Very impressed”, says the founder of a now defunct Citizens Against Impunity organisations which suffered an early death.

“Secondly, the quality of engineering methodology is promising. Equipment on sites do tell the story.

Personally, I don’t mind borrowing for real infrastructure development. I would do exactly the same,” he says.

Major cities in Malawi are promised a new outlook sponsored by re-engineering and re-construction of road networks that are geared to reflect modernity and progress.

President Chakwera is at the center of this aspiration and action as he is unfolding the promises of the Malawi Congress Party 2019-generated manifesto.

Chakwera’s administration has turned Malawi into a construction site with every region busying itself with a number of road construction projects aimed for completion before 2024.




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