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Chakwera Illustriously Crowns Na-Dzombe as Indigenous Investor, Pioneers Rural Sector Tourism

President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera shaking hand with Dr. Napoleon Dzombe during the official launch of Kalipano Hotel in Dowa


“This majestic Hotel is not a franchise imported from abroad. It is the actualization of a colourful dream by one of our own. Of course, Mr. Napoleon Dzombe (Na-Dzombe) is no stranger to performing wonders, since most Malawians already know of his prowess as a farmer in the agricultural sector, a philanthropist in the health sector, an entrepreneur in the business sector, a trainer in the education sector, a philanthropist in the social sector, and a food processor in the manufacturing sector. But I think it is safe to say that the feat he has accomplished here as a developer in the tourism sector deserves special attention as the crown jewel of his illustrious career as an investor.”

Those were the elaborate remarks which President Dr Lazarus Chakwera showered upon Dr. Na – Dzombe in Dowa today.

The President made the remarks during the official opening of Kalipano Hotel in Dowa. Na-Dzombe has built the hotel in the rural areas of Dowa, defying one of the genuine stereotypes or rural-area investment in the tourism sector.

“People do not consider Malawi’s rural areas as a tourist asset worth investing in”, said the President adding that “they think the only places for tourism development are the cities, the lake, and wildlife reserves”.

The President went ahead describing Dzombe as a successful investor who does not belong to a narrow-thinking category.

The magnificent Kalipano Hotel, an investment under Dzombe’s Mtalimanja Holdings, has attracted management appetite of renowned tourism and hotel practitioners, Sunbird Hotels which has since signed a management of the hotel.

The Malawi Government has substantial stake in Sunbird Hotels, a publicly quoted enterprise, listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange since August 2002. Meanwhile, the Government of Malawi is the largest shareholder at 71%. Press Corporation plc owns 15% and members of the public own 14%.

Sunbird was incorporated in 1988 as a private company following the amalgamation and consolidation of hotels previously owned by the Government of Malawi under different investment vehicles and the Company was known as the Tourism Development and Investment Company of Malawi. In the year 2000, the name was strategically changed to Sunbird Tourism Limited and later, Sunbird Tourism plc.

Chakwera, in his capacity as head of the Malawi Government decided to launch the hotel marking a new era of creating tourism centers in rural areas. Kalipano Hotel, which also boasts a man-made lake within its campus, has been recognized, by the Malawi leader, as “a pioneer in  investment targeting rural Malawi”.

Aerial view of Kalipano Hotel in rural Dowa displaying man-made lake. Picture credit: Peter J. Makwana
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