Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Rating DPP presser; Namalomba was boring says political analyst Lyson Sibande

Namalomba (L) was a mess

On Monday, the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) held a press conference designed to dress down the government. Malawians were listening and at the end of the day, they rated some of the people who addressed the press briefing. For instance, they denounced a prayer made by Steve Maseya for being insensitive.

Then, another elaborate rating went to DPP spokesperson Shadrick Namalomba that he was a mess and needs to be fired.

“Shadric Namalomba made the DPP presser boring. He had no energy. He was at a loss of words, used the wrong English, he was incoherent and just very boring. If DPP is serious, then fire Namalomba as Spokesperson for the party. The road to 2025 will require all parties to have energetic, charismatic, eloquent and brilliant Spokespersons. Fire Namalomba now, he doesn’t have what it takes. It’s very embarrassing that DPP has such a spokesperson,” he said.

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