Sunday, May 26, 2024

Three Nkhotakota-Nkhunga Police Officers ‘Fired’ Over Ganja Scandal

Police steal Chamba

Like a fairy tale but it is a real story out of Nkhotakota, the home of Malawi gold also known as marijuana or Ganja; three police officers – namely Nelson Gulani, Milward Chakumanika, and Robert Kapalamula – have faced interdiction from their positions for their involvement in the sale of confiscated marijuana, locally known as Ganja.

The sequence of events began when the three officers, stationed at Nkhunga Police Station, received a tip about an individual in possession of Ganja. Instead of following proper procedures for confiscation, they chose to sell the seized marijuana to another individual involved in the illegal trade.

Unbeknownst to the original owner of the contraband, he later discovered that the marijuana had been sold to his rival. In pursuit of justice, the owner bravely reported the incident to the same police, which eventually led to the arrest of the three officers. They have now been interdicted by Area 30.

It remains uncertain whether the individual who reported the sale of his contraband to the police also faced any legal consequences, given the convoluted and illegal chain of events that unfolded.


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