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UNGA78: Chakwera Takes Initiative to Cushion Malawi Against Climate-Induced Tragedies

Malawi President, Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, shaking hands with US Presidential Envoy on Climate, John Kerry, after climate-related discussions on the sidelines of UNGA78 in New York


It’s easy, in fact very easy, to take our planet for granted until we see the human cost of its degradation: cyclones, floods, hunger, displacement, illnesses, and deaths.

We have seen that nasty cost in the most devastating manner in Malawi more recently whereby Cyclone Freddy reaped off lives of hundreds of people and leaving thousands stranded, yet millions impacted in one way or the other.

When such tragedy falls, that is when we reflect on the advocacy that climate activists have been making. Otherwise, statistics regrettably indicate that many people are so detached from climate issues.

Arguably, the recent devastation that Malawi has gone through under the Cyclone Freddy climate-induced tragedy, most Malawians are now paying close attention when climate change issues are being talked about.

Carrying the climate-related concerns on behalf of Malawians, President Chakwera attended Seed Global Health event at which Malawi has entered an agreement with her development partners to strengthen financing for climate-resilient health systems and increase investments in the health workforce.

According to President Chakwera, the event gave chance to Malawi to seek multi-sectoral solutions that include “climate-resilient health systems” which President Chakwera notes “are critical to socioeconomic development”.

“Malawi having faced huge effects of climate change recently, joined Seed Global stakeholder to seek multi-sectoral solutions,” he said in his routine updates to the Malawi nation through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Among notable dignitaries present at the climate talk indaba include the United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry who is a former Secretary of State for the United States under President Barack Obama administration.

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