Monday, February 26, 2024

Political analyst Thindwa trashes Nankhumwa; says no need for Pres. Chakwera to face Parliament

Ernest Thindwa:

Assuming you are not unfamiliar with Malawi, you will concur that Chakwera is the only President to have regularly appeared before Parliament to respond to inquiries about issues of national concern. However, Chakwera will not address Parliament during the current mid-year budget review—not because he is scared but rather because no queries from lawmakers have been procedurally brought to his attention to warrant him to the lawmakers in the chamber.

Despite Leader of Opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa demanding that Chakwera face Parliament, a motion that was defeated in Parliament last week, Presidential press secretary Anthony Kasunda yesterday said the President does not interfere with parliamentary proceedings and would appear in Parliament when the Speaker’s office communicates.

On his part, political pundit Ernest Thindwa observed that Chakwera has demonstrated boldness and commitment to the rule of law in facing Parliament.

He said: “As Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Nankhumwa’s demands are understandable, but politics aside, one would contend that issues for which he wanted the response from the President have been ably addressed by appropriate ministers, rendering Chakwera’s appearance before legislators inconsequential.”

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