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UNIMA student captures hearts with music performance

Amidu (L)

The University of Malawi showcases an abundance of talent through its students, who are recognized not only locally but also internationally for the brilliance they have gained in the corridors where talent and excellence converge. Mr. Amidu Ibrahim, a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, showcased his exceptional skills acquired at the university through a song performance that went viral on social media on November 20, 2023.

Ibrahim narrated his music journey, explaining how he developed a passion for music in 2018. During his free time, he would spontaneously sing songs, fueled by his fondness for singing, which later evolved into a hobby. Ibrahim’s musical skills reached perfection when he joined UNIMA and enrolled in a Music class during his first year in the Department of Music and Dance.

As he enrolled in a music class, Ibrahim also joined the UNIMA Zebras band, where he learned and honed his skills. He acknowledged the UNIMA Zebras Band, to which he belongs, for sharpening his musical abilities. The band comprises students pursuing various programs, and some of the songs it has composed include “Dekhani,” “Malawi,” and “Lira Koma Uziyenda,” among others.

The video shows Ibrahim performing one of the songs, “Lira Koma Uziyenda,” to the accompaniment of a guitar performance by his classmate, Mr. Malumbo Ngwira (Third year, Bachelor of Education in Language).  The song conveys a heartfelt message to fellow students and all Malawians going through difficulties, stating that it is okay to cry when faced with challenges, but it is not okay to give up, no matter how many challenges are encountered.

Ibrahim further added that he used to underrate himself because of his voice, but he appreciated Mr. Simbota, a music lecturer at UNIMA. who continually encouraged him to hone his ability to sing in his unique way. Some of the songs he has composed so far include “Chipongwe” and “Mwana wanu”. He continued by recognizing his music classmate, Mr. Samuel Phiri (Third year, Bachelor of Arts in Humanities), who is also a leader of the Zebras Band, with whom he sings. Ibrahim expressed gratitude for Mr. Phiri’s contributions.

The trio commented on how they have been approached by various managers willing to collaborate with them. They further stated that the skills being nurtured at UNIMA are laying a foundation that will assist them in the future, soon after completing their studies. Lastly, the trio expressed delight in the way listeners responded to the song “Lira Koma Uziyenda”. They noted that listeners have not only enjoyed the tune, but the message also motivates and encourages those who have encountered various challenges in their lives.

The UNIMA Director of Students Affairs (DOSA), Dr. Jonas Mwatseteza, recognized the talent of the three students. He expressed how delighted he was with their mesmerizing talent, and stated that the three students have been enlisted to be part of the body of student ambassadors. “Ambassadorship is about representing UNIMA in many aspects. This performance showcases the talent that we have at the institution,” he said.

The University of Malawi has nurtured many musical talents that are recognized in Malawi and globally. They include the songstress Rudo Chakwera, versatile one-man band, Faith Mussa, socially conscious rapper Fredokiss, and the acoustic duo, Edgar and Davis, among others.

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