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Plenty of fuel departs Nacala Corridor for Malawi after tripartite inauguration of the port

Nacala Corrodor port, partial and significant answer to Malawi's increased exports capacity and cheap low cost on strategic imports
Fuel from Nacala Corridor bound for Malawi






“Pali chiyembekezo kuti mafuta agalimoto ankhaninkhani ayamba kufika mdziko muno kuchokera Ku Nacala mdziko la Mozambique kudzera pa njanje. Izi zikudza pamene atsogoleri a Malawi, Mozambique ndi Zambia atsekulira ntchito yoitanitsa mafuta kudzera pa njanjeyi ku Nacala mdziko la Mozambique. Mtsogoleri wadziko la Malawi a Lazarus Chakwera, mtsogoleri wa Mozambique a Filipe Nyusi komanso mtsogoleri wa Zambia a Hakainde Hichilema anaperekeza sitima yomwe yatenga mafuta kuchoka ku Mozambique kubwera nawo kuno ku Malawi.”

Times 360 made the above report a while ago. This report is actually putting to rest the noise that some obsessed individuals erected to propagate in their desire to criticize the trip that the President has made.

In justifying their criticism, they pointed out the issue of fuel crisis, saying that the President should not have travelled, but should have remained stationed at the State House to solve the fuel crisis. They implied that remaining home is a more plausible solution that going about to work out solutions.

Axiomatically, this argument does not make sense. Not only that, it further fails to observe the fact that the president’s travel was the very part of the equation being employed to sorting out the fuel issue. The three Presidents, Nyusi, Chakwera and Hichilema of Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia respectively converged at this inauguration not just to witness the launch but also to sign strategic agreements relating to its use. That is part of the solution that President Chakwera had to embark on pursuing.

I cannot be surprised that, with the news of plenty of fuel heading to Malawi from the very Nacala corridor where the President went to inaugurate, the critics are now ignoring this resultant development as shared by Times 360. That’s when you actually know that the criticism was nothing in good faith but a mere malicious obsession by those who are actually incapable of running proper opposition to Government.

The Nacala Corridor, which has now increased its handling capacity from 10,000 containers to 250,000 containers per day has excited three neighboring countries of Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia whose President; Fillipe Nyusi, Lazarus Chakwera and Hakainde Hichilema respectively converged to grace the inauguration of the port and sign necessary agreements.



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