Tuesday, April 23, 2024

No intra-party democracy in DPP as APM intimidates MPs into submission; Jooma dumps Nankhumwa

Jooma endorses Mutharika dumping Nankhumwa

The octogenarian Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) President Peter Mutharika has managed to intimidate members of Parliament into submitting to his authority by fooling them into believing that he himself Mutharika is but the best thing to have ever happened to the DPP as well as to the country at large.

Yesterday, Mutharika chaired a caucus of Democratic Progressive Party members of parliament at Page House residence in Mangochi District.

During the meeting Honourable Ralph Jooma and Honourable Phiso, who were Kondwani Nankhumwa loyalists, pledged their support to Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and endorsed him as Presidential candidate for 2025.

This notwithstanding, Nankhumwa remains resolute that he will contest against Mutharika whatever the case and whatever happens. As chaos and court battles are the order of the day in DPP, the ruling MCP is growing from strength to strength with MCP strategists hoping for DPP to make a mistake by electing Peter Mutharika as its torchbearer so they can have a smoot ride to renew Chakwera’s governing mandate in 2025.

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