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Commentators dismiss economic intelligence country report, convicts DPP and UTM

An organization calling itself Fitch Solution (FS) has released a purported economic intelligence country report that has focused on dampening the prospects of MCP winning  the upcoming 2025 presidential election. In particular, the report has suggested that the current economic status of Malawi will cause MCP lose the 2025 presidential election. But commentators have dismissed the report saying it has lost grip on grassroot realities and oriented its announcements on office-based opinion. Shire Times has extracted one such reactive opinions and publishes the same in full as below:


The Economic Intelligence country report should be dismissed in its entirety because it lacks basis and substance for the allegations leveled against the Chakwera administration.

Firstly, in politics, two years is a very long time to base your report on. Even in six months’ time, the political landscape will not be the same. MCP’s recent political rallies across the country is an indication that the party is still strong, vibrant and enjoys grassroots’ support because that is where most voters are.

It is sad that the Economic Intelligence country report is merely based on hearsay, social media reports and interviews from people sipping coffee in multi-storey offices with icons who have no time to go out and vote.

What the report deliberately missed is the issue of an alternative government. In the unlikely event that MCP loses the election, which party then can form the next government?

We all know how incompetent, weak and fragmented the corrupt and violent DPP is. Meanwhile the DPP is suffering leadership crisis because Peter Mutharika, who became its leader by inheriting the party from his late brother who founded it is refusing to permit others from outside Mutharika family or largely from outside the particular village where his ancestors hailed from to replace him.

In simple terms, the DPP is treated by Mutharika as an estate of his late brother and that he alone is the sole beneficiary and heir to the same. Thus he governs it as such. Meanwhile, Peter Mutharika has completely lost control of the party and has put it on autopilot, letting courts dictate the direction the party should take. That doesn’t look like a plausible alternative in any case.

Talking of UTM? We all know how that trial of a party has gone into oblivion since its leader Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima was slapped with serious criminal corruption charges in court. This has been worsened by the fact that Chilima is UTM and UTM is Chilima. The only stable party in the country with all structures at grass-root is the very MCP.

Malawians understand that some of the economic and social challenges facing the country are global caused by covid-19 pandemic, the natural disasters such as cyclones, war in Ukraine, cholera outbreak and global general economic meltdown as well as the looting and plunder of public resources by the corrupt DPP and its leadership.

Actually, the situation in other countries is much dire, we are lucky that in Malawi that President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera and his team of economists are pulling the country out of the economic doldrums.

President Dr Chakwera and his MCP are not losing the 2025 election, that’s the bitter truth.


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