Friday, July 19, 2024

President Chakwera Celebrates Inaugural Wheat Harvest in Dowa

After the Russo-Ukraine conflict disrupted the supply of wheat flour, a crucial ingredient for bread production, President Chakwera passionately advocated for Malawi to begin cultivating its own wheat. Today, the President finds himself in Kabango 4 Village, under Traditional Authority Chakhadza in Dowa, where he is poised to inaugurate Malawi’s inaugural wheat harvest.

In a joint effort, the Ministry of Agriculture and Pyxus Malawi have successfully cultivated early maturing wheat in Dowa following extensive research trials at Chitedze Research Station. This crop, grown with the aid of irrigation, is anticipated to yield six tonnes of wheat seeds that can be cultivated in all districts throughout Malawi, unlike the older varieties the nation has traditionally grown.

Lawrent Pungulani, the Plant Breeder at Chitedze Research Station, has affirmed that the four new wheat varieties reach maturity in just three months and possess all the desirable attributes for international markets.

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