Thursday, July 18, 2024

New Curriculum for Primary & Secondary Schools Ready to Roll-out Next Year: Education Revolution in Malawi:

Dr Mangani Katundu

The Ministry of Education has unveiled plans to introduce an innovative curriculum for primary and secondary schools in the country commencing next year. Dr. Mangani Chilala Katundu who is the Secretary for Education in the Ministry, revealed this momentous decision during a prestigious three-day national education conference in Mangochi, held to deliberate on school and college curriculum enhancements.

Dr. Katundu emphasized that the upcoming curriculum will revolutionize education in the country, fostering the development of highly knowledgeable individuals equipped with both academic excellence and practical vocational skills essential for thriving in the dynamic labor market and entrepreneurial landscape.

In a visionary proclamation, Dr. Frank Mtemang’ombe who is the Executive Director of the Malawi Institute of Education, announced that the new curriculum would initially be implemented in lower-level primary schools and secondary forms 1-3 for the 2024/2025 academic year, with a comprehensive rollout to all classes scheduled by September 2025.


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