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Msonda attacks his own DPP hypocrisy over Chakwera censor


Following the new year’s address by Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera to the nation, the opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) through its spokesperson has gone to town with harsh criticism of the perceived failures of the Chakwera led-administration.

However, political think tank guru and DPP operative Ken Msonda have chided his party for the strong censure of the regime almost calling it hypocritical.

Msonda told Shire Times in an interview that “it is unfortunate that in Malawi political parties become wiser and more democratic when they are out of government.”

“As a think-tank, we find that  [DPP] statement misplaced because it is coming from an administration that was there before, which never addressed corruption the way the current administration is doing. They [DPP] never funded ACB, they interfered in the operations of ACB, and they had selective justice in the fight against corruption. So it is unfortunate that DPP can stand on [an anthill] and instead of holding hands with the current administration, they are pointing fingers at the Administration that is trying to address corruption issues” said Msonda.

The DPP is trying hard to offer criticism of the Tonse Alliance government but their criticism is falling on deaf Malawian ears owing to the mediocrity and insensitivity that their reign was associated with. Malawians wonder as to why they should listen to the DPP given the fact that the problems Malawians are encountering are a  result of their own making.

“Henry Mussa was convicted of corruption courtesy of the Chakwera regime, Uladi Mussa is also serving a prison sentence of corruption. All these were high-ranking DPP officials. It is, therefore, mind-boggling for the DPP to claim that the Chakwera regime is not fighting corruption,” said governance commentator Stanley Njoroma.


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