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Malawi Pres. Chakwera says lean Cabinet reshuffle to be announced this January

Chakwera: hires Chamkakala

Lazarus Chakwera, the president of Malawi, has informed the populace that he will reshuffle his cabinet this January. The president of Malawi disclosed this on Sunday during his annual address to the nation at the start of the new year from Lilongwe’s Kamuzu Palace.

Said Chakwera: “Today, I wish to inform you that the new configuration is at an advanced stage, and so as was the case with the last reshuffle last January, my office will be announcing a new configuration of Cabinet this January.”

The President provided a preview of the new cabinet’s makeup.

He said: “What you can expect to see when the announcement is made is a leaner Cabinet, one that is focused on maximizing our nation’s limited resources on improving public service delivery, fast-tracking

public works projects under construction, and unlocking the sectors of our economy that have the greatest potential for inclusive growth and shared prosperity, especially agriculture, tourism, and mining.

“In short, what you will see is a Cabinet focused on delivery. This is because I believe that giving our energies and resources a renewed focus on delivery is necessary for us as a nation this year in order to sustain and expedite our progress on the path of economic recovery that we embarked on a year ago.”

Malawians are yet to learn whether the President would keep the names of some few ministers who were found guilty of engaging in corrupt practices in a court of public opinion. When they get wind of such a cabinet reshuffle, these wayward ministers, so some Malawians allege, sneak into Mozambique to meet with their witch doctors in an effort to use charm to persuade the president to keep them in their positions. Will it still be effective for them this time?

The Malawi president under section 94 of the constitution has the power to appoint Ministers or Deputy Ministers and to fill vacancies in the Cabinet.


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