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Mozambique suspends two police officers who assaulted to near death Malawian truck driver

Mozambique Police Officers beating Malawian Driver

Among Malawians criss-crossing the Mozambique routes, a prevailing notion emerges, painting Mozambican authorities, particularly their police force, as not only riddled with corruption but also marked by a propensity for brutal violence and inhospitality, a stark contrast to the amiable relations experienced with neighboring countries like Zambia and Tanzania.

This narrative was starkly illustrated when a Malawian driver suffered a brutal assault by two Mozambican police officers, an incident that garnered widespread attention. Unsurprisingly, Malawian authorities swiftly lodged a formal complaint at the intergovernmental level.

In response to the grievance, Mozambique has taken action by suspending the two implicated police officers pending an investigation into the assault on Elaston Ngonyani, the Malawian driver. This development was disclosed during a Joint Technical Committee of Officials Meeting on the Malawi-Mozambique Border Reaffirmation Exercise and Emerging Issues in Mangochi yesterday.

The Mozambican delegation, expressing condemnation for the officers’ conduct at Zobue, assured their counterparts that the matter is under scrutiny, with the suspended officers awaiting the outcome of the investigation.

As per the minutes of the meeting, seen by the Shire Times, the Malawian delegation emphasized the need for consideration of compensating Ngonyani for the incapacitation he suffered due to the assault.

Both delegations concurred to share the investigation report with Malawi upon its conclusion, signaling a commitment to transparency and accountability in addressing the incident.

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