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Minister Kunkuyu humiliates Namalomba & DPP on Times TV

Moses Kunkuyu

Firebrand Minister of Information Moses Kunkuyu issued a strong caution to Malawians yesterday advising them not to place trust in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) due to the party’s brutal and oppressive history.

Speaking on the Hot Current program aired on Times Television hosted by Wonder Msiska, Kunkuyu expressed his disappointment at the DPP’s attempts to criticize the current leadership while conveniently ignoring their own destructive past, which is still fresh in the memories of the people.

According to Kunkuyu, the DPP’s previous leadership was marked by a reign of terror, leading to the loss of numerous lives. He cited the tragic example of Robert Chasowa, a young activist and fourth-year student from Polytechnic, now known as MUBAS, who was killed during the DPP’s era. Chasowa’s body was found dumped in a campus drainage, a horrifying incident witnessed by his fellow students.

Kunkuyu also brought up the case of Issa Njaunju, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director of corporate affairs, who was mistakenly targeted and murdered during the DPP’s reign. Njaunju’s lifeless body was discovered near Presidential Villas in City Centre, while his vehicle was found burnt in the outskirts of Mtsiriza.

Pointing directly at DPP Publicity Secretary Shadric Namalomba, Kunkuyu reminded Malawians of the party’s dark history, where they employed thugs to silence critics through violence and terror. He asserted that speaking out against such actions during the DPP’s rule would have endangered his life.

Apart from their acts of violence, Kunkuyu also highlighted the DPP’s reputation for threatening and harassing chiefs during their time in power.


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