Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Malawi Police: No Government Official Involved in Mphwiyo’s Escape


The Malawi Police Service has denied the circulating rumors in the country that senior government officials were involved in Cashgate suspect Paul Mphwiyo’s escape.

Over the past few days, social media has been flooded with unverified information regarding Mphwiyo’s departure from the country. This comes as the High Court is expected to deliver its verdict in the K2.4 billion Cashgate case, which will determine the fate of Mphwiyo and 17 others.

Inside sources at the police headquarters have reported that they have leads on how Mphwiyo left the country, and none of these leads point to any assistance from government officials.

Police spokesperson, Paul Kalaya, had previously informed the nation that Mphwiyo was last seen leaving Ryalls Hotel in Blantyre, appearing to take a casual stroll in the Central Business District.

According to reliable police sources, Mphwiyo was cautious and relied on ordinary individuals to plan his escape. It is revealed that he did not use legally sanctioned documents or routes, and his escape was through uncharted paths known to the authorities. Further details cannot be disclosed at this stage due to ongoing investigations.

The latest information discredits the claims that a senior government official facilitated the acquisition of a new passport for Mphwiyo at the Immigration Department. Immigration officials confirm that their system shows no passport was issued under Mphwiyo’s name, and he did not pass through any of their facilities or the Mwanza/Zobue border.

As the matter continues to unfold, the Police are intensifying their investigations to uncover the truth.

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