Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Malawi Minister of Lands handover newly constructed staff houses at Jenda Police station

Deusi Gumba handing over house to Minister of Homeland Security

The Minister of Lands, Honourable Deusi Gumba, MP yesterday handed over 10 newly built staff houses to Jenda Police Station through the Minister of Homeland Security, Honourable Ken Zikhale Ng’oma, MP.

The Minister of Homeland Security was thankful for the houses which he said will motivate officers at Jenda Police Station to work hard.

He however cautioned police officers to take care of the houses so that they should last long. The minister acknowledged the crucial role the Malawi Police Service plays in social and economic development by providing law and order.

The Minister of Land further commended the contractor for finishing the project on time and asked him to keep working with the Ministry of Homeland Security in the construction of more police houses. He also observed that the nature of police work demands officers to stay together in camps and mixing with other people compromises their integrity.

On behalf of the Inspector General, the Deputy Inspector General responsible for Administration Mr. Happy Mkandawire, who received the keys from the Minister of Homeland Security, thanked the Malawi Government for constructing the houses that are expected to address the shortage of staff houses since the station had only three houses out of 97 police officers.

He further advised police officers to refrain from corruption because it tarnishes the good image of the Malawi Police Service.

Eight of the newly constructed houses are for junior officers and two are for senior officers.

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