Saturday, April 13, 2024

Loud outcry as University of Malawi hikes tuition fees for mature entry students by 60%

Sajidu- Unima Vice Chancellor

There is despondency among University of Malawi students, both generic and mature entry students, as the University has meteorically hiked tuition fees, with the latest round for mature entry students.

From MK850, 000 per academic year, now the tuition fees has jumped to MK1, 360,000. The generic students’ tuition fees jumped from MK350, 000 per academic year to MK650, 000 per academic year.

“It looks like those people which government entrusted to manage Universities in the country are advertently or inadvertently agents of the opposition as they are doing everything possible to make this government very unpopular among the youth, who ironically voted for this government in large numbers.

“That there is anger and discontentment among students not only from the University of Malawi but across the country is commonplace. If this anger is not expressed now, it may be expressed in 2025 because education now has been commercialized and will be out of reach of poor people in this country who are in majority,” said one of the female students speaking on strict condition of anonymity.

The student passed word to the Chancellor of the University who is also the President of the Republic, Lazarus Chakwera.

She added:

“These people running the Universities should not deceive you, it will be you, Sir, alone campaigning to these very same youth not long from now. It will be difficult to face them if you fail to show that you are caring. Granted, a fee hike would be justified but not the extent that these selfish and money hungry university officials have done. The choice is yours Sir, to take a gamble by leaving the situation as it is or consider the loud cries of University students across the country.”




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