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Government to Engage 3,500 Auxiliary Teachers

Chikondano Mussa
As part of improving education service delivery, the Ministry of Education is set to engage 3500 auxiliary teachers in order to reduce the teacher-pupil ratio in primary education.
Through the Malawi Education Reform Programme (MERP), with support from the World Bank, funds have been allocated to engage the Initial Primary Teacher Education (IPTE), cohorts 13 and 14 who will be placed in various Primary Schools across the country.
According to a release by Secretary for Education Chikomdano Mussa, this is part of the efforts by the government to create employment for this sector of the population.
“Engagement of the teachers will be done directly by School Management Committees (SMCs) and will be on a temporary basis. The contract period for this engagement is one academic year. Subject to funding opportunities, the contracts may be renewed.
“Interested teachers in the named cohorts should call at Local Council Offices of their choice taking into account that every local council has its own allocation. Consideration for engagement to a particular school will be on a first come first served basis. Upon engagement, transfers from one school to another will not be allowed throughout the agreed period,” said Mussa in a statement.
The ministry has since advised interested candidates to indicate their availability by 1st September 2022.
Meanwhile, successful applicants are expected to start working when schools re-open during the month of October, 2022.
The employment of the auxiliary teachers is part of the Tonse Alliance Government to improve the education as well as creating employment opportunities for the youth.
The development also comes as a relief to many teachers who have been idle after completion of their training in teachers’ colleges.
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