Thursday, July 18, 2024

DPP’s Leadership Shake-Up Sparks Criticism: Analysts Decry Absence of Intra-Party Democracy

Ernest Thindwa:

Renowned political analysts within the nation have characterized the Democratic Progressive Party’s recent action to expel and suspend key figures as indicative of a lack of intra-party democracy in the party. Analysts of notable stature, Ernest Thindwa and Victor Chipofya, assert that this maneuver is poised to imbue a sense of trepidation among party members, dissuading them from articulating dissenting perspectives, particularly when such viewpoints diverge from the party’s leadership, thereby potentially weakening the party’s influence.

Acting through its Central Executive Committee, the party has taken the consequential step of expelling notable figures, including the former Vice President for the southern region, Kondwani Nankhumwa, former Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey, former Director of Women Cecilia Chazama, and Nicholas Dausi, among others. Furthermore, individuals such as Henry Matemba, Mariam Chimbalanga, Brave Mkwezalamba, and others have been divested of their National Governing Council positions, coupled with a nine-month suspension from party membership.

The party contends that these measures are essential for restoring a sense of order and discipline within its organizational framework. Critics, however, contend that this approach may stifle internal diversity of thought, potentially compromising the party’s resilience over time.


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