Sunday, May 26, 2024

DPP losing grip, only leaving memories

Former President Peter Mutharika


Last Sunday, the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) together with its ally during the 2020 fresh presidential election, United Democratic Front (UDF), held a rally at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre whose intention was very incomprehensible to any well rounded Malawian. Few days to the meeting, DPP’s regional governor for the Southern Region, Charles Mchacha, told the general public through a media briefing that their objective for holding the rally would be to apologise to Malawians for messing the nation up during the time they were in power, and if possible, ask them one more time for their trust .

On that material day, the fanatics of the two parties and of course, other Malawians were eager to take home big messages meant for their satisfaction. Apparently, the rally ended and surely those who were in attendance and who just followed it through media got nothing out of its nothingness. I mean what was passed on by half headed Mchacha during the media conference and what the age old Mutharika were white and black.

When Malawians expected to be apologised for being taken for a ride during the past five years, all what they were fed to was nothing but senseless self defence by Mutharika who has always denied to accept that he failed to govern the nation to expected development level Malawi deserves. Virtually a week after the rally, a snapshot survey within and around Blantyre where the rally took place and even cutting across the Southern and Eastern regions where DPP and its ally, are said to have great strongholds, evidently indicates Malawians are giving up in the two parties. One, because the parties are not any closer to inspiring hope they long lost; two, because, even if they had another opportunity, DPP or the other could not dish out anything worth the salt as it failed Malawians miserably. I mean, once beaten twice shy! Malawians now need serious leadership that should be realistic with their needs and those of the country for meaningful long term development.

APM and his sinking DPP have been tried and have proved to be a hapless alternative. Leading a country to development needs original personalities with hands on Malawian sophistication. Well, at least for progression of Malawi, there really is need for a political leadership but the truth remains DPP under Peter Mutharika, in the past five years, was a serious chasm for the country. And as it is, DPP even knows that its relevance to Malawians is slowly but surely slipping out of hands and the infighting within the party coupled with its other irrelevances are just leaving memories in Malawians, the way UDF did during its prime time.

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