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Cotton farmers in love with Pres. Chakwera as crop fetches higher price

Cotton farmers in Malawi are commending President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera for his vision of improving the country’s agricultural sector. The farmers are reporting that they are fetching higher prices for their cotton than ever before under previous governments.

According to interviews conducted in the Lowershire Valley, cotton is currently being sold at a minimum price of K580 per kilogram, which is significantly higher than the previous minimum price of K400. This increase in price is aimed at supporting farmers by covering their expenses.

The Cotton Council of Malawi (CCM) recently opened the cotton marketing season for the 2022/2023 season. The market is expected to run for 90 days, providing ample opportunities for farmers to sell their cotton.

Madaika Cosmas Luwanda, the Executive Director of CCM, stated that the minimum price of seed cotton for this season is set at MWK580.00/Kg.

“The minimum price of seed cotton for this season is MWK580.00/Kg. Therefore, growers should expect a minimum take-home price of MWK580.00/Kg. The price has been arrived at through a consultative process with industry stakeholders taking into account the cost of production and prevailing international market prices,” he said.

A total of 177 markets are expected to be opened across the country to facilitate the sale of cotton. Qualified companies that have obtained buying licenses for the purchase of seed cotton this season include Afrisian Limited of Lunzu, Blantyre Malawi Cotton Company of Mponda, and Balaka Masapa Cotton Ginners of Karonga.

These developments indicate positive progress for cotton farmers in Malawi under President Chakwera’s leadership, with higher prices and increased market opportunities.

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