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Chakwera breaths life into National Intelligence Service Act through establishing related tribunal

Justice Redson Kapindu (Centre) signing for his appointment as member of the first-ever NIS Tribunal in Malawi created in June 2023 by Chakwera administration

President  Chakwera’s administration continues to expand accountability and efficiency mechanisms in state organs as a way of fostering accelerated performance in the democratic order.

On Thursday, the President presided over the inauguration of the first-ever National Intelligence Service (NIS) Complaint Tribunal.

The National Intelligence Service is one of the Security organs in the country which specializes in handling classified state information.

The establishment of the Complaints Tribunal for the NIS has been founded on the provisions of the National Intelligence Service Act (2017) which became operational on 8th February 2021 following its assent earlier on.

The tribal is aimed at hearing and determining complaints against NIS officials who have mostly operated on a free range that has, for long, allowed incompetence and arbitrariness to go without check.

President Chakwera confirms that the establishment of this tribunal serves as a significant step towards ensuring accountability and transparency within the NIS as sections 26 to 35 of the Act empowers the tribunal to probe complaints lodged against the NIS and its staff..

Speaking during the ceremony at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe, President Chakwera said the setting up of the tribunal marks a significant milestone in the country.

The Malawi leader then asked servicemen at the NIS to abide by the ethics that guide their operations. He further urged them to refrain from abusing their offices in pursuit of their individual interests.

The maiden tribunal has been made up of three eminent people answering to names of Justice Redson Kapindu, Ms Sarai Chasala-Tempelhoff and Brenant Chitanda.

The event was witnessed by other Government officials including Minister of Defence Harry Mkandawire, Homeland Security Minister Ken Zikhale Ng’oma, Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba and NIS Director General Dokani Ngwira.


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