Wednesday, May 31, 2023

2025, not Peter Mutharika, Chakwera still has chance to prove himself


Dear Editor,

I read that some sections of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) from the Northern Region, have endorsed former President Peter Mutharika to contest again for the country’s leadership in 2025. Old Goodal Gondwe and his minions Jappie Mhango are the ones behind this endorsement.

Peter Mutharika, contesting again in 2025, like seriously? Who has forgotten his sleepy leadership which saw a bodyguard, taking over the reins of power when Mutharika was asleep?

Who has forgotten the podium outbursts by President Peter Mutharika and his minions insulting the opposition and those who disagreed with them?

Who has forgotten the blatant nepotism and tribalism by these folks?

Who has forgotten the divisions that these people championed?

What it means is that on our road to 2025, DPP has not repented. If given a chance, it will simply continue where it stopped, molesting Malawians. DPP must be stopped.

Editor, the word on the street indicates that there will be voter apathy in 2025 if the current regime does not up its game. Such a group of Malawians is not ready for the DPP and neither are they satisfied with what is going on. The current regime has until 2025 to prove to such a group of people to which this author belongs why it should wake up early in the morning and renew the mandate of this regime or perhaps it will skip this election.


Editor In-Chief
the authorEditor In-Chief