Sunday, May 26, 2024

Will Nyamilandu fall tomorrow or will prove he’s the real FAM boss?

Mzuzu Hotel Room will be a very important room in Malawi tomorrow

The room captured at Mzuzu Sunbird Hotel might seem modest, but it’s set to be the focal point for all eyes in Malawi tomorrow. History hangs in the balance: Walter Nyamilandu, the long-standing President of the Football Association of Malawi since 2004, faces a potential ousting by Fleetwood Haiya. Whether Nyamilandu prevails or is unseated, it marks a historic moment. There’s a sense that this might be Nyamilandu’s most vulnerable period in retaining power. The sentiment among many Malawians leans towards Nyamilandu stepping down, but the pivotal decision rests with the 36 delegates who will ultimately decide. Only tomorrow’s outcome will unveil the verdict.

Meanwhile, ahead of hosting this significant electoral event, Mzuzu police announce plans to set up adhoc roadblocks across various locations and the central business area, fortifying security measures. Maurice Chapola, the Northern Region Police spokesperson, reassures the public, stating that no violent incidents have been reported, and law enforcement is committed to ensuring maximum security.

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