Monday, February 26, 2024

Walter Nyamilandu appeal to bar Haiya from contesting as FAM President thrown out

Walter Nyamilandu Vs Fleetwood Haiya

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) President Walter Nyamilandu, who has dominated football administration in the country since 2004,  is now grappling with a genuine threat to his continued holding of the position as a promising challenger, Fleetwood Haiaya, emerges in the upcoming December election. The election is set to take place in the evergreen city of Mzuzu.

In a bold move to thwart Haiya, Nyamilandu, along with his legal representative Kanyenda, fired off a vigorous letter of Appeal arguing that Haiya’s candidacy for FAM President is invalid. They contend that FAM regulations prohibit him from running, citing his dual roles as SULOM President and as a Director of Nyasa Big Bullets Football Club Ltd, an FAM affiliate.

Despite this effort, the FAM appeals committee, led by Counsel James Masumbu, summarily dismissed the appeal, asserting that it was time-barred – a move reminiscent of swiftly rejecting a petition challenging a parliamentary or presidential election filed beyond the seven-day limit stipulated by the law.

While some Malawians speculate that Nyamilandu may be on the verge of losing, it might be premature to count him out given his seasoned campaigning experience.


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