Friday, July 19, 2024

Unruly Students Set Robert Blake Secondary School Ablaze

Robert Blake building burnt

Students at Robert Blake Secondary School in Dowa, affiliated with Nkhoma Synod, set fire to laboratory buildings and classrooms in protest of the stringent disciplinary measures implemented by the new school head.

Reports reaching Shire Times indicate that the previous head was lax in enforcing school rules, allowing students significant leeway, including engaging in activities like smoking marijuana and consuming alcohol, leading to a culture of unruliness.

The current head, however, has taken a firm stance to instill order and discipline. He has begun expelling students caught with marijuana and those found intoxicated. This has angered the students who preferred the previous laissez-faire approach, prompting them to resort to arson.

Authorities have confirmed the incident, and the new head teacher has requested time before making a statement to local media.





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