Monday, April 22, 2024
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Handshake between Malawi and Saudi after signing of $20 million road-funding deal

RIYADH: News emerging from Riyadh inform that the Malawi delegation to the Saudi-Africa summit has finally signed the deal with the Saudi Government which is committing US$20 million for road construction in Malawi.

The leaders convening at the Summit expressed comfort and satisfaction generated by the atmosphere conducive for such a fruitful dialogue that prevailed across the Summit which has resulted into African countries securing funding commitments on various developments across sectors.

A consensus has been reached on the vision that has been set to move forward on a whole host of current regional and international issues, while emphasizing that the Summit represents an important historical turning point in the relations that the African countries and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are set to enjoy.

The Saudi Government has declared that “the beating heart of the Islamic World, which will potentially open broader horizons for the future relations between Saudi Arabia and African countries has been orientated to further develop such relations across all fields”.

Slicing her benefit home, Malawi has signed for the much-anticipated US$20,000 funding for the Mangochi-Makanjira road that President Chakwera is dedicated to deliver in the Eastern region as he lays down a new network of road infrastructure across the country.

In his statement through his Facebook page, President Chakwera has expressed joy for finally securing the funding for the 100km road stretching between Mangochi and Makanjira.

“We have secured approximately US$20 million funding from the Saudi Fund for Development for the construction of this important 100-kilometer infrastructure,” says the President specifying that the road “will increase economic activity and connect communities to major markets and public facilities in the entire Eastern Region including rural trading centres”.

“It is time to connect Malindi, Lungwena, Namalaka, Lugola, Bakili-Binali Lutufu, Likoloma, Mauni, Mpiripiri, Lulanga and Fort Maguire to the rest of the national road network”, says the Malawi leader.


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