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First Lady Chakwera makes case for e-learning in sec. schools: Likuni Girls’ 60th Anniversary

Madam Monica Chakwera

Madam Monica Chakwera, the First Lady of the Republic of Malawi, emphasized the importance of collective efforts in devising a contemporary education system that can facilitate seamless learning, particularly for girls, eliminating obstacles to their education.

Chakwera said this at the 60th-anniversary celebration of Likuni Girls Secondary School, stressing the necessity of leveraging modern technology to deliver lessons to cope with the increasing student population. She views this approach as a cost-effective solution for enhancing education accessibility.

“When you go to other countries, leaners are able to get their lessons right in their homes using their gadgets. This is the direction we should be taking as we look forward to 2063 vision,” she said.

Chakwera then thanked the Roman Catholic Church and other churches in the country for complimenting government efforts in improving education standards in the country.

She then encouraged learners, especially girls coming from poor families to work hard in class and never focus on their challenges, saying anyone who is focused and has a goal in life can excel in education.

Archbishop George Desmond Tambala of Lilongwe Archdiocese condemned the behaviour of some learners who destroy school infrastructure whenever they have misunderstandings with the school administration.

Bishop Tambala said destroying school infrastructure is destroying the future of the generation to come who would equally benefit from such developments.

Head teacher for the school, Sister Malia Nyendwa, said the school is coming up with different initiatives aimed at making the school self-reliant, and which can also improve the well-being of the learners at the school.

“We have come up with backyard garden where we are growing vegetables and tomatoes so that our learners eat fresh and nutritious food. We are also keeping dairy cows that produce a lot of milk that is sold to the surrounding communities and we give some to our learners for their good health,” she said.

However, Sister Nyendwa asked well-wishers to assist the school in expanding the library, replacing rooftops of old buildings and constructing other buildings as the school enrolment keeps increasing.


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