Wednesday, July 24, 2024

MP Alfred Jiya Launches K130M Bridge Project in Lilongwe


Alfred Jiya, the Member of Parliament representing Lilongwe City Center constituency, unveiled a bridge construction project worth K130 Million during an event held at Dzuka Girls Secondary School near Senti.

Jiya explained that, in accordance with the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) guidelines, MPs are required to engage with the community to understand their challenges.

He stated, “As the first crucial step in this process, I initiated consultations with the local community. The primary objective is to identify the issues they face. This information is essential as we are about to embark on the procurement process. It’s the right time to engage with the people and gain a deeper understanding of their experiences.”

Jiya expressed his satisfaction with the project’s launch, noting that the people in the area have long struggled to cross the river that connects to Nankhaka.

During the event, Bickson Chunga, a block leader, praised Jiya for his efforts on the project.

Chunga remarked, “The construction of this bridge is going to be a lifesaver for many. We have experienced accidents where people were nearly swept away by water. The challenges we’ve faced include the inability to cross the river during the rainy season, which affected schoolchildren’s access to education. This project comes as a significant relief, potentially resolving the problems we’ve endured over the past two years.”


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