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UN Security Council passes resolution to increase Gaza aid

The United Nations Security Council yesterday passed a resolution urging immediate acceleration of humanitarian aid into Gaza while working towards ending the Israel-Hamas conflict. The resolution emphasizes the need for unhindered aid access and aims to set the stage for a lasting halt to hostilities, marking the first time this language has been included post-war. However, it falls short of demanding an immediate, permanent ceasefire, which the US and Israel oppose.

The resolution reiterates a prior call for temporary ceasefires and demands the release of hostages held by Gaza’s Hamas and other terror groups. It was adopted with overwhelming support, except for abstentions from the US and Russia. The US objected due to the draft’s failure to condemn Hamas, while Russia sought an immediate ceasefire, attempting an amendment that altered the resolution’s language.

The US vetoed the amendment, with the American UN ambassador displaying a bracelet gifted by the daughter of an Israeli hostage in Gaza while exercising this veto. Despite intense negotiations and delays, the resolution moved forward, albeit not meeting the ideal criteria for the United Arab Emirates, which believes only an instant ceasefire can facilitate the surge in humanitarian aid sought.

Acknowledging the imperfect nature of the resolution, the Emirati ambassador expressed gratitude to the US for engaging in constructive negotiations. While Security Council resolutions are binding, compliance varies among involved parties. Meanwhile, General Assembly resolutions, though not legally binding, reflect global opinion; a ceasefire was supported by the General Assembly ten days prior.




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